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Is it possible to integrate ISE instruments into a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)?

Yes, ISE instruments are compliant to international standard ASTM E1381-02 and NCCLS LISA2. They use modern TCP/IP communication and they are perfectly integrated into a laboratory LAN. Please refer to your distributor for instrument specific protocol.

Does a data integrity policy exist?

The software automatically backs up system data every time the software is closed. It is recommended also to schedule an external backup using the automatic function provided by the software.

The computer of the instrument is out of order, what to do?

The software provides an easy step by step installation procedure so the instrument can come fully operative in a short time. After the installation of the software on a new pc, the service personnel will recover the backup file to avoid any data loss.

There are several operators into the lab using the instrument, but only few of them should be able to change chemical settings. Is it possible to implement some access rules?

Yes, the system provides four different levels to log in: service admin, user admin, technical operator and simple operator priority levels. You can create an unlimited number of users having their specific accessing policy. Refer to the user manual for more details.

We are a research lab, so we need to extract raw data to evaluate advanced statistics. Is it possible to do it?

Yes, the system prints and transfers final results and it also able to export raw data (e.g. optical density and reagent blank values) into a csv file. This will make it easy to import the data into an external calculation software (e.g. Excel ™) for statistical analysis or correlations.

What about software updates?

The company releases periodically software version to keep the system updated.

What about historical data?

The software includes a powerful archive for calibrations, quality controls and patients. Using several searching parameters, it is possible to view the analytical life of a patient or to trace quality of the system during the years. The software also manages the usage statistical data ordered by month and the history of the warnings and errors to simplify troubleshooting procedures.  


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