Fully-automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Double Arm - up to 500 tests / hour with ISE module on board
Up to 300 photometric tests / hour.

Miura is a random access fully automated analyser and is the right solution for all kinds of laboratories. Miura is a sophisticated yet user friendly solution.

  • The smart software interface, designed to be used in few steps and translated in several different languages, makes the Miura the logic choice for the laboratories all over the world.

  • Bench top or floor stand.
  • 49 reagents on board with 50ml R1 vials and/or 20ml R2 vials.
  • 59/79 sample/calibrator/control positions on primary tubes
    (Ø12÷13mm × 75/100mm) and sample cups (3ml).
  • Integrated ISE module for Na+, K+, Li+, Cl- in serum,
    plasma and diluted urine.
  • Integrated washing station.
  • Integrated level and shock sensor for samples
    and reagents.
  • Integrated positive identification for samples
    and reagents.
  • Integrated micro metering diluter maintenance free.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • This is our idea of a random access analyser.
  • Miura is 100% developed and produced in Italy.
  • Contact us and we will be happy to assist you






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