Semi-Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Minitecno is a sophisticated and smart clinical chemistry analyzer.

Flow cell and disposable cell with external built in incubator makes the Minitecno extremely flexible

Perform end point, kinetic, fixed time, bichromatic, multistandard methods. All the methods are fully programmable by the user.

Built in touch screen with alphanumeric keyboard.

Multilanguage capability, up to 6 different languages on board.

On board printer allows the user to print the graphical plot of all measured points.

Minitecno is 100% developed and produced in Italy.

  • 500 micro-liters per test.
  • Halogen lamp 12V-20W.
  • 35 microliters integrated glass flow cell.
  • 340nm up to 630nm.
  • Stabilized temperature through peltier system (25 37C).
  • Calibration curves, linear and not linear, are stored in memory.
  • 12 months warranty.
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