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I.S.E.ís family of clinical chemistry analyzers offers cost-effective, yet highly reliable, testing for routine clinical chemistry, immunoturbidimetry, TDM, DOA and special application for wine and water analysis, for laboratories of all sizes.

A complete range of instruments starting from a sophisticated colour touch-screen analyzer up to fully automatic random access analyzers are developed and produced in our facilities in Rome.

A user-friendly software interface means that lab personnel can be trained quickly and simplifies routine laboratory analysis procedures. A 24-month warranty to give you the certainty that your purchase is without compromises.

A wide range of ready to use CE marked reagents, controls and calibrators completes the offer to simplify the laboratory routines.

Twenty-eight parameters for enzymes and substrate, twenty-eight parameters for specific protein, with application on serum, plasma and urine, based on the most advanced research in clinical chemistry following international recommendations (IFCC).

I.S.E.'s solutions allow you to make treatment decisions sooner.
Semi-Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
Hemo One
Fully-automated Compact Solution
Miura One
Fully-automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzers up to 180 tests/hour
Miura 200
Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
up to 420 tests/ hr
Fully-automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
Dedicated reagent kits
Stable Liquid Reagents

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